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Password Pusher is a tool used for sharing passwords and other sensitive information with other people securely.

With Password Pusher, you can create a unique, one-time URL that will expire after a certain amount of time or after it has been accessed a certain number of times, ensuring that your information remains private and secure. It is often used by individuals and organizations to share login credentials or other sensitive data with colleagues, clients, or partners.

Password Pusher is a simple and convenient solution for securely sharing passwords without the need for email or other less secure communication methods.

Hosted at or you can run your own private instance wherever you like.

The source code is on Github. It’s opensource and free for anyone to use, review or modify.

The Author

My name is Peter Giacomo Lombardo. You can find me on LinkedIn, Github or The OxOO.

For updates, you can follow me on Twitter or on Github.

Want to Help Out?

By far the biggest help is to spread the word: Share and suggest Password Pusher to colleagues and friends.

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If you are giving a presentation, authoring a blog post or video about Password Pusher, feel free to contact me for any questions.

We have media resources and a full explanation of features available in Windows Powerpoint and Mac Keynote formats.

More Than 11 Years Old

The first git commit to Password Pusher was on December 28, 2011. went live shortly thereafter.

Password Pusher Logo
The Original Theme

The original site design consisted of a dark background with a bold yellow font.

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