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Tools & Applications

Using the JSON API, various tools exist to interface with Password Pusher to automate password distribution.

We have no limits on how many passwords you can push (and have no intentions of adding limits) but we do have a rate limiter so the site doesn’t get taken down by bad scripts or bad actors. Limit your tools to maximum 1 password every few seconds and you should be fine.


This API allows you to interface with Password Pusher via JSON. This can be utilized by existing utilities such as curl, wget or any programming language. See the examples below for some ideas.

curl -X POST --data "password[payload]=mypassword&password[expire_after_days]=2&password[expire_after_views]=10"
Browser Dev Console

You can test this in your browser Javascript console by going to the front page of Password Pusher and enter:

         { 'password[payload]': 'mypassword', 'password[expire_after_days]': '2',
           'password[expire_after_views]': '10' },
           function(data) { console.log('Share this secret URL:' + data.url_token) } )

See more explanation and examples in our Github Wiki.